How to Remove Location Data When Sharing Photos on iPhone

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If you have Rental services enabled for the Camera app on your iPhone or iPad, every photo you take includes GPS information on where it was taken. Starting with iOS 13, however, you can choose to share photos without location data.

Turn off location data when sharing a photo (or a group of photos)

To get started, open the Photos app and find a photo (or photos) you want to share without location data. To share multiple photos, select and tap each one, then tap the Share button. To share a single photo, tap it, then tap the Share button at the bottom left.

Tap the Share button in the Photos app.

In the Share menu that appears, tap “Options” at the top of the screen (below the number of photos you’ve selected).

If you see “Location included” next to “Options”, it means that location data is currently enabled for that photo (s). We’re about to change that, however.

On the Options menu that appears, locate the “Include” section. Disable the “Location” option for the selected photos.

If you don’t see the “Location” option here, the location data is turned off for the Camera app (see below) or there is no location data associated with that particular photo.

Press “Done” to return to the Share menu. You should now see “No location” under the photo selection message.

Now, whether you share your photo via text, email, or an app, no location data will be included.

Keep in mind, however, that this method will only work for this one instance. The location information for the photo is still stored on your iPhone. If you want to share it again in the future without location information, you will have to repeat the above procedure.

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Even better: turn off location in the Camera app

If you frequently turn off location data before sharing photos, you might consider disable it in the Camera app. This way, none of your new photos will include location data.

To turn off access to the camera location, open “Settings,” then go to Privacy> Camera. In the “Allow location access” section, tap “Never”.

Note, however, that you will no longer be able to take advantage of features that rely on location data after this operation. For example, the Photos app won’t be able to show where you took your photos on a map or group photos that you took by location.

While the photos you take in the future will not include GPS metadata, any photos you took before turning off this feature will still include them.

If you want to permanently delete the location data from the photos you have already taken, you will need to use a utility that will allow you to edit or delete the EXIF ​​metadata of each photo. This process can be confusing, so it is best to leave it as a last resort for situations where privacy is extremely important.

Stay safe and good luck!

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