How to Remove Pocket from Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum has a deep integration with the read-it-later service which now belongs to Mozilla. You will see an action of the Remove pocket page in the address bar, a “Show Pocket List” function in the library, and recommended articles in Pocket on the new tab page. Firefox offers a way to disable this pocket integration, but it is hidden.

We believe that Remove Pocket is an excellent service, but obviously not everyone will want to use it. If Pocket is not for you, here’s how to turn it off in Firefox.

How to remove pocket button with two clicks

If all you want to do is remove Pocket the button, it’s simple: right click on the button and choose “Delete from address bar”. You can delete just about anything that way in fact, not just the POCKET button. Firefox is very customizable.

Remove Pocket
Remove Pocket

If you want to completely remove the Firefox Pocket integration, things are a bit more complicated.

How to disable the Pocket browser integration

To completely disable Pocket’s features in the Firefox interface, you must use the about: config page of Firefox. To access it, type about: config in the Firefox address bar and press Enter.

The warning “This could void your warranty!” Tells you to be careful when changing the settings here. It is possible to disturb the configuration of Firefox and cause problems if you change the settings without a valid reason here. Just follow the instructions below without changing any other settings and everything will be fine.

Click “I accept the risk!” To continue.

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In the search box at the top of the page, type “pocket”. You will see some preferences related to Pocket.

Double-click the “extensions.pocket.enabled” option to change it to “False”. Pocket features will disappear immediately from the Firefox address bar and library.

If you want to re-enable Pocket integration in the future, come back here and double-click the “extensions.pocket.enabled” option to reset it to “True”.

How to disable items recommended by Pocket

Toggle option above in about: config will not disable the recommended items from Pocket on the new tab page. However, you can easily disable them too.

First, open a new tab to access the new tab page. Click the “Customize your new tab” button in the upper right corner of the page.

Uncheck the “Recommended by Pocket” option in the list here and click “Done” to save your changes.

You can also delete other items from your new tab page, if you wish. For example, you can delete the search box, the main sites you visit, the highlights of your browsing history, and Mozilla’s snippets of information. Uncheck everything you do not want to see.

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