How to Reset Your Windows PIN If You Forget It

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A good password or PIN is difficult to decipher but can be difficult to remember. If you forgot or lost your Windows logon PIN, you will not be able to recover it, but you can change it. Here’s how.

Resetting your Windows PIN code when you are not signed in

Assuming you already have added a PIN to your Microsoft account, this PIN code will make connecting to devices much faster. If you have been locked from your Windows PC for any reason, first go to the login screen and click on the “I forgot my PIN code” link.

Forgot My Pin screen

Enter your Microsoft account password. You can then enter an existing account security code or have Microsoft send you a new code by email.

Check your identity

Enter the security code and click on “Verify”. Enter your new PIN code twice. You have now reset your PIN code; use this again to connect to this device.

Resetting your Windows PIN code when you are already signed in

If you have access to your Windows device, but still want to reset your PIN, first open the Start menu, then click the Settings gear.

Startup settings

In the Windows settings pop-up window, click “Accounts”. Then click on Connection options> Windows Hello PIN code> I forgot my PIN code.

Connection options

Enter your Microsoft password, then enter your new PIN twice to complete the change.

If you ever feel tired of entering your PIN, or want to change the way you access your Windows devices, check out our guide on How to delete your PIN and other login options from Windows 10.

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