How to Save a Web Page as a PDF in Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Sometimes you want to get a “hard copy” from a website in Google Chrome, but you don’t necessarily want to print it on paper. In this case, it’s easy to save a website as a PDF file on Windows 10, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux.

First, open Chrome and navigate to the web page you want to save to a PDF. Once you are on the right page, locate the vertical selection button (three dots aligned vertically) in the upper right corner of the window and click on it.

Click the three-dot menu in Google Chrome

In the menu that appears, select “Print”.

Click Print in Google Chrome

A print window will open. In the drop-down menu entitled “Destination”, select “Save as PDF”.

Select Save as PDF from the Google Chrome drop-down menu

If you only want to save certain pages (for example, only the first page or a range such as pages 2-3) in the PDF file, you can do so here using the “Pages” option. And, if you want to change the orientation of the PDF file from portrait (vertical) to landscape (horizontal), click on the “Layout” option.

When you’re ready, click “Save” at the bottom of the print window.

Click Save to Google Chrome

A “Save As” dialog will appear. Choose the path in which you want to save the PDF file (and rename the file if necessary), then click “Save”.

Click Save in the Save File dialog box in Google Chrome

After that, the website will be saved as a PDF file to the location you have chosen. If you want to recheck, go to your backup location, open the PDF and see if it looks correct. Otherwise, you can change the settings in the Print dialog box and try again.

It is also possible to print documents in PDF files under Windows and on Mac in apps other than Chrome. On both systems, the process involves a PDF printing functionality built into the entire system, which is very handy if you want to capture the formatting of a document for posterity.

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