How to Save Favorite Places in Windows 10 Maps

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With offline maps and traffic data, Windows 10 Maps is the perfect companion for plotting long journeys. To help you get from point A to point B, you can save your favorite locations to quickly view routes. Here's how.

The Maps app in Windows 10 comes pre-installed, ready to use. To open it, click the Start button and search for "Maps", locate and click the Maps icon in the tiles of the Windows Start menu, or search for "Maps" in your list of installed programs.

Addition of your home, your workplace and your car

You can access your favorite places in Windows Maps by clicking on the "Saved places" button in the Maps window. The button looks like a star icon in the upper right.

In Windows 10 Maps, click the Saved Places icon at the top right

The context menu that appears has two tabs: "Favorites" and "Collections". When you choose the Favorites tab, three common locations are displayed.

The "Home" and "Work" locations are pretty self-explanatory while "Car" allows you to save the location of the place where you parked. This can be useful if you have parked your car in a temporary place, for example.

Under each tab is an "Add" button. Click this button to start adding locations to these common locations.

In your saved places, click Add to save a home, work and car location

When you click on the "Add" button, a search bar appears. Use it to choose the desired locations. For example, for your "Home" location, find your home address and press the "Enter" key.

Find your home, then press Enter or click the search button

As soon as you press the "Enter" key, your new location will be saved. You can then quickly refer to it again in the "Favorites" tab of the "Saved Places" menu.

If you need to quickly navigate to your "Home" location, you can click the "Directions" link that appears under the item. This will provide you with directions from your current location or from a location of your choice.

Under Home on the Saved Places tab, click Directions

You can also search for "Home", "Work" or "Car" in the Maps search bar. This will bring up these locations as a list to share, print or list the routes.

Adding a favorite place

Windows Maps lets you save more than the three most important locations. You can save additional locations in the "Favorites" tab by clicking on the "Add Location" button.

Click on Add a place in the Places saved menu in Windows 10 Maps

You have two options for adding a favorite place. You can search for a location using the search bar or you can click "Choose location" to manually position the map at the chosen location.

The Select Favorite Location bar in Windows 10 maps

If you choose to manually position the map, move it to the appropriate location, then click the "Set" button.

Manually select your preferred location, then click Set

Once defined, your new location will appear as a list in the "Saved Places" tab under your "Home", "Work" and "Car" locations.

A list of locations saved in Windows 10 Maps

By clicking on any of these entries, you access the list, where you can share it, add notes, see what's nearby, or remove it entirely from your favorites list.

An example of a list of favorite locations in Windows 10 Maps

You can add as many entries as you want to your list. For quick instructions, click the "Directions" link under the name of each entry.

Creation of a collection

If you are someone who likes to travel a lot, the "Favorites" tab may start to get a little crowded. To help you, Windows 10 Maps lets you create collections.

Collections are groups of your favorite saved locations. For example, you may decide to group a list of your favorite tourist destinations by location. You can keep this information private or share it with others.

To get started, click on the "Saved Places" icon at the top right, then click on the "Collections" tab.

Click the Places saved button in Windows 10 maps, then click the Collections tab

To create a new collection, click on the "New collection" button. Give your collection an appropriate name and description.

If you want to make your new collection private, check the "Make the collection private" box. When you are ready to create your collection, click the "Save" button.

Click on new collection, then provide a name and description before clicking on save

Your new collection will appear in the “Collections” list, ready for you to start adding places.

A list of collections in the Windows 10 Maps app

To start adding places, click on your new collection. Then click on "Add a place" to start the search.

To add a location to a Windows 10 map collection, click the collection, then click Add Location

Type your preferred location in the search bar or click "Choose location" to position your map manually. Click "Set" when you are ready to save the item.

When creating a Windows 10 map collections location, manually position your location, then click Set

Once defined, your selected location will be added to your new collection. You can add as many locations as you want to a collection.

A collection of Windows 10 cards with saved lists

As with any favorite location saved individually, clicking on an item saved in a collection will bring up the list, where you can save notes, share them with others, or delete them entirely.

You can also click on "Directions" below the list to quickly view directions.

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