How to See How Much RAM Your Android Phone Has

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RAM is an important specification on your smartphone. The amount of your phone can have a huge impact on performance. If you’re curious about how much RAM you have on your Android phone, we’ll show you how to find out.

To see the amount of RAM on your Android phone, you must first activate the Developer options menu. You can do a lot with these lesser-known settings, including seeing your phone’s memory usage.

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First, swipe down from the top of the screen (once or twice, depending on your device’s manufacturer), then tap the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

open device settings

Then scroll to the bottom and select “About phone”.

select About phone

At the bottom, tap “Build number” repeatedly (usually about five times in a row) until you see the “You are now a developer” message.

press Build number repeatedly

Then go back to the main Settings menu and tap “System”.

select System in Settings

Tap on the new “Developer options” section. If you don’t see it, check in the “Advanced” section.

select Developer options

At the top of the page you will see “Memory” along with the amount of memory you have available, but you can tap that option to view more information.

press Memory to see more

This screen will be slightly different depending on your phone manufacturer, but the number next to “Total memory” is how much RAM your phone has.

Memory information

The RAM listed here will generally be slightly less than what was advertised. For example, the Pixel 5 has “8GB RAM,” but the system is only showing 7.8.

The amount of RAM in your phone will never change, but you can always check here to see how much you’re using.

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