How to See The Weather Forecast on Your iPhone Lock Screen

IPhone user showing the weather on the lock screenKhamosh Pathak

Unlike Android, the iPhone does not display the weather forecast on its lock screen. Fortunately, there is a hidden function that will show you the weather for the day when you use your Apple smartphone in the morning. Here’s how to activate it.

This feature is more like a side effect of the planned Do Not Disturb feature available in iOS 12 and later. Once you’ve activated it and give the Weather app access to your location, you’ll see a forecast report for the day you first tap the lock screen after the period Do not disturb finished.

To configure it, we must first schedule do not disturb. Do not disturb automatically cuts off all incoming notifications (unless, of course, you have emergency bypass activated).

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Open the “Settings” application on your iPhone and go to the “Do not disturb” section.

Tap Do not disturb in settings

Then tap the toggle next to the “Planned” option. As we are scheduling, we do not need to activate the Do not disturb toggle at this time.

Tap the toggle next to Planned

Set the start and end time for Do Not Disturb. You must set the end time between 10 and 15 minutes before waking up.

Choose the To and From times

Finally, tap the toggle next to the Dim Lock Screen option. This feature softens the lock screen and ensures that the screen does not turn on when you receive new notifications. New notifications will now be sent directly to the Notification Center and will not appear on the lock screen until the Do Not Disturb schedule is complete.

Tap toggle next to the Dim lock screen

Now go back to the main screen of the Settings app and tap on the “Privacy” option.

Tap Privacy

Select the “Location Services” option.

Choose location services

Here, choose the “Weather” application.

Choose the Weather app

Now press the “While using the app” button to allow the Weather app to see your location, so it can show you the local forecast.

Choose Allow when using the App option

Now you are ready. The next morning, when you wake up and the non-disturbance time ends, you will see the weather report for the day on your lock screen. You will see the current temperature, the maximum temperature for the day and whether it will rain.

Viewing the weather forecast on the iPhone lock screen

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