How to Send Texts from Windows 10 Using an Android Phone

Microsoft Your Phone Text Messages

You probably have both a computer and a phone, so shouldn’t they work together? Why should you be texting from your phone when you have a computer keyboard right in front of you? The Microsoft Your Phone app solves this problem, for Android users.

Microsoft’s “Your Phone” is a powerful application which makes your Windows PC and Android device work better together. It can also sync notifications between devices and transfer files. In this guide, we’ll show you how to send and receive SMS.

To use the Your Phone app on Windows and Android, you must meet a few conditions. You must have a (n):

  • Windows 10 April 2018 Update or later.
  • Android device running Android 7.0 or higher.

Before you start using the text messaging feature, you will want to follow the initial setup process of your phone on your PC and Android device. Read our full guide to follow this process.

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The advantage of the SMS sending feature is that the “setup process” is simply to grant permissions when using the Your phone companion app on your Android device.

The permissions that you want to be sure to “Allow” for the SMS feature to work are “Contacts” and “SMS Messages”.

allow contact authorization

allow SMS permissions

During the initial setup, it’s also important that you allow the Android app to run in the background. This will ensure that the device stays connected to your PC. Press “Continue” when it asks you to “stay signed in”.

continue to stay connected

Finally, press “Allow” so that the application always runs in the background.

allow your phone to run in the background

With all of these permissions granted, the feature is now ready to use. Open the Your Phone app on your Windows PC and click on the “Messages” tab in the side panel.

go to the messages tab

Messages from your Android device will automatically appear here. Just select a conversation to open it.

select a conversation to open it

The conversation will open and you can type in the text box and select the emoji to add. Click on the paper airplane icon to send the message.

enter the conversation and press send

To start a new conversation, click on the “New message” button at the top of the conversations list.

start a new message

A new text box will appear and you can search for a contact to send. Since we have allowed the app to view contacts, it will extract them from your Android device.

find a contact for messaging

That’s all we can say about it! You can now send and receive text messages on your Windows PC.

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