How to Set App & Game Limits on Windows 10

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With Microsoft family groups, you can easily block specific apps and games for individual profiles on any of your Windows 10 machines. You can also create custom time limits for apps to limit the amount of time screen for working or playing.

To access these controls for most of your Microsoft machines, including Xbox One and Android devices with Microsoft launcher installed you will need to create a Microsoft family group. Once you have used your free Microsoft account to create your own Microsoft family group, you will want to create a free child account.

Once you’ve set up a child account, go to your Windows 10 machine that you want to restrict access to and sign in to the child account. This will link the device to your child’s account. Once you’ve gone through the usual Windows 10 introductory messages, sign out of the child account and sign in to your account. Then open the Start menu and select the “Settings” cog.

Windows 10 settings

Select “Accounts” to access the menu where you can control various family settings and commands.

Windows 10 settings accounts

In the Accounts menu, select the “Family and other users” tab on the left side. Then select the child account you want to regulate on this machine and select “Authorize”.

Windows 10 Allow child user

Then use any web browser to return to the main page of your Microsoft family group. Scroll down to find the child account and click “Application and Game Limits”.

Microsoft Family Group App and game limits

Under the “Application and game limits” tab, you can see the different devices to which the child account is connected, as well as a list of all the applications installed on all the connected devices. If you want to activate screen time limits on specific applications and games, make sure that the “Time limits” toggle is activated.

Microsoft Family Group Toggle App Game Limits

Scroll through the list of apps and games, then click on the titles you want to restrict to expand the full menu. The cursor will allow you to set time limits, while the drop-down menus next to “From” and “To” will allow you to create a window when this application or game is available for the child account. If you want to completely block the application, click on the “Block application” button and confirm your choice.

Microsoft Family Group App and game limits for Windows 10

If you want to block access to the application website via the web browsers of your Windows 10 device as well as on the device itself, make sure that the “Website blocking” box is checked.

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Although tech savvy kids will usually find a way around the restrictions, you can still use these commands to limit the amount of screen time spent on your Microsoft devices.

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