How to Set the Default Finder Folder on Your Mac

The Finder icon and the Finder application display on a MacBook Pro.Khamosh Pathak

The Finder is your window on the Mac file system. Each time you open the Finder, the Recent folder appears by default. But if you usually save your work to another folder, you may want to change the default behavior of the button.

First, open the Finder application by clicking the button in the dock it looks like a face. In the menu bar, click on the "Finder" option. Then click on "Preferences". You can also use "Command +" (command key and comma). keyboard shortcut to quickly open the Preferences window.

Click Finder on the menu bar, and then select Preferences.

In this window, select the "General" tab, then "Show New Finder Window". Click the drop-down menu below the option.

Click on the drop-down menu to select the new default search window

From there you can select a list of predefined options. You will find the iCloud Drive, Desktop and Documents folders here.

You can also click the "Other" option and choose any folder in the file directory (for example, the Downloads folder).

Choose a common folder as the default window or click Other

Browse to the file directory and select the folder of your choice by default. Then click on the "Choose" button.

Click the Choose button to choose the selected folder as the new default destination.

You will be redirected to the Preferences menu with your selection as the new default folder for the Finder application. The next time you open the Finder application, the folder you selected will open.

Now that you have improved your opening experience in the Finder, discover other ways to Finder suck less on macOS.

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