How to Set Up and Use Siri on an iPhone

Siri often has a bad reputation, but it is perfectly usable for most tasks. And if you're immersed in the Apple ecosystem, the competing digital assistant level does not matter, because everything is related to Siri. That means you're going to need to use it, and it's pretty easy to do when you know how to do it. Let's jump in.

How to activate Siri on an iPhone

As is often the case, this process starts in the Settings application. Start the application and scroll down the screen before pressing "Siri & Search".

Under the heading "Ask Siri" you will see three flip-flops. We suggest to light them all:

Listen to "Hey Siri": This allows you to use the phrase "Hey Siri" to get the attention of the PDA.
Press the side button for Siri: This allows you to press the side button on iPhone X models or the home button on older models to activate Siri.
Allow Siri when it is locked: This allows you to call Siri via the side / home or voice button when your iPhone is locked.

How to change Siri's voice on an iPhone

You may not like Siri's sound by default, but you can choose from multiple voices depending on the language selected. To begin, open the Settings application and press "Siri & Search".

Press "Siri Voice".

Select the voice you want to use, including a gender, if this option is available.

How to change if Siri speaks on an iPhone

Depending on the situation, getting Siri to talk to you may not be the most appropriate solution. Fortunately, you can change Siri's behavior in the Siri Settings menu.

Open the Settings application, then press the "Siri & Search" option.

Then press "Voice Feedback" to see the available options.

The options are:

Always on: Siri will always audibly tell you his answers.
Control with Ring Switch: Siri will only respond audibly if the ringer switch is not disabled.
Hands-free only: Siri will only respond audibly if you are using headphones or a Bluetooth device. This includes CarPlay, even if you use a cable to connect.

How to use Siri on an iPhone

Siri is good for no one if you do not know how to use it. If you have selected the options mentioned above, you have two main ways to get Siri's attention. The first is to say "Hey Siri" and the digital assistant will be launched. The second and the one that makes you less ridiculous is to press the side button of an iPhone X model (or the main button of other models) until Siri appears on the screen. When Siri answers, tell him what you need.

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