How to Set Up Recurring Reminders on a Mac

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If you need to be reminded of tasks that occur regularly, you can easily schedule a repetitive reminder using the Reminders app on your Mac. These reminders will appear in your Notifications section at the right time. Here’s how to set them up.

First, launch the Reminders app and click on the “Today” button in the sidebar. Then click on the “+” (Plus) button in the upper right corner of the window.

Click the More button in the Reminders app on a Mac

A new reminder will appear in the list. Type in the name of the reminder, then click the small “Info” button next to it (which looks like a small “i” in a circle).

Click the info button in the Reminders app on a Mac

In the bubble that appears, set the date and time for the reminder (or location, if applicable). Then click on next to the “Repeat” option and select how often you want it to repeat.

Set the reminder snooze interval in the Reminders app on a Mac

You can repeat a reminder every day, every week, every month, every year or “Custom”. The “Custom” option allows you to set reminders that repeat on certain days of the week, certain days of the month or certain months of the year with different levels of control.

Snooze options for custom reminders in the Reminders app on a Mac

After that, you can choose when to end snooze if you want by using “End snooze” option – or the reminder can repeat itself indefinitely.

When you’re done, just click outside the bubble and the settings will be saved. Check your list of reminders, and the one you just added should be there.

List of scheduled reminders in the Reminders app on Mac

If you need to add more repeated reminders, click the plus button again. You can add as many as you want. Good luck!

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