How to Set Your Default Texting App on Android

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Unlike iOS, Android allows you to use third-party applications to perform essential functions, such as sending SMS. Here's how to set a new default email application on your Android phone.

First, you need to install the replacement application you want to use. There is a lot of SMS applications on the Play Store. Textra SMS is popular and what we will use as an example here.

to install textra from Google Play

After installing your text messaging application, there are two ways to set it as the default application. You can do this from the application itself when you launch it for the first time or later, using the Settings app on your device.

Set the default mail application the first time you launch it

Open the application and click after the initial start (here we have to click on "Start with Textra" and accept the necessary permissions).

start using textra

Once the application is launched, a button at the bottom of the screen asks if you want to make it your default application. Press the button, then press "Yes" to confirm.

confirm textra as the default application

And it's now your default text messaging app. Almost all applications will prompt you to set them as the default application when you use them for the first time. For those who do not (or if you have been using the application for a while and now want to set it by default), use the technique described in the next section.

Set an email application as the default in the settings

Start by going to the settings of your device.

go to the settings of the device

There, you will need to look for a parameter called Default Applications. Since each manufacturer organizes the settings differently, we recommend that you perform a search.

In the Default Applications setting, tap the "SMS Application" option.

search for default applications

A list of all applications that support text messages appears. Select the application you want to set as the default (Textra in our case). You may notice a review similar to the one in the picture below. If you do, press "OK".

select the default application

Congratulations! You have successfully changed your default text messaging application on your Android Phone.

modified texting app on Android

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