How to Share a Live Photo as a GIF to Twitter from Your iPhone or iPad

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In the past, if you always wanted to tweet the animated Live Photo captured by your iPhone or iPad, you had to convert image to GIF. It’s now a thing of the past, Twitter will convert for you automatically!

Capture a live photo on your iPhone or iPad

Before you can tweet a Live Photo, you will need to activate the Live Photo function in the iPhone or iPad camera app and then take a picture. If you already have a live photo that you want to share, you can skip to the next section.

Start by opening the “Camera” application. Use Apple’s Spotlight Search if you can’t find the app on your home screen.

Apple iPhone Open Camera app

Then make sure that the Live icon in the upper right corner is not crossed out. If so, press the button so that it looks like the image below (1).

When the function is activated, press the shutter release button (2) to capture a live photo.

Apple iPhone Activate Live Photo, then press the shutter button

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Tweet the photo live in GIF format from your iPhone or iPad

Now that you have your Live Photo, it’s time to tweet it. Although we will show you how to embed and share the GIF as a new tweet, you can also follow these steps to send the photo live in “Retweets with comment”, replies and DM.

Start by opening the “Twitter” application. Again, use Spotlight Search to locate the social media application if it is not readily available.

Apple iPhone Open Twitter app

On the Home tab, press the dial button. Its icon is in the lower right corner and has a feather surrounded by a blue circle.

Apple iPhone Twitter application Press the Dial button

Next, locate and tap your Live Photo in the quick access image bar. You should see the Live icon overlaid on the thumbnail.

If you can’t find the live photo, select the Gallery button, then tap the desired image.

Apple iPhone Twitter app Press Live Photo or select the Galaxy button and choose Live Photo

With the live photo loaded in the tweet preview, press the “GIF” button located in the lower left corner of the thumbnail. The Live Photo will be converted to GIF and played once. You can select the Play button that appears when it stops to review the animation.

Apple iPhone Twitter App Tap the GIF button

Type a quick message to accompany your GIF, then press the “Tweet” button.

Apple iPhone Twitter App Press the Tweet button

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