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If you have an Office 365 account (free or paid), then you have OneDrive, the cloud storage application from Microsoft. Cloud storage is great for sharing files with others. Let's see how it works in OneDrive.

You can share OneDrive files from the OneDrive folder on your computer ("the client interface"), the Office 365 Web interface, or the OneDrive mobile application. The best-suited method depends on your situation and your preferences, but Microsoft is pushing its offers heavily into the cloud and this prioritization appears in the OneDrive interface. To not be too direct, the Office 365 Web interface and the OneDrive application are much prettier and more refined than the client interface. The client interface also has at least seven different sharing modes, some of which are evidence of the ability to share items in earlier versions of Windows. For these reasons, we will focus here on sharing via the OneDrive application and the OneDrive Web interface.

Sharing (and sharing) a file via the Mobile OneDrive app

Microsoft has obviously put some effort into its OneDrive application because the sharing option is simple and complete. We will use the Android application for our examples here, but the iOS app is similar. We will post important differences.

To share a file (or folder), tap the three dots next to it.

The 3 points that display the file options

Tap "Share" in the menu that appears.

The Share option

This opens the sharing options. By default, OneDrive allows people with whom you share a file to edit it. You can change this to display only by tapping the arrow next to "Can edit" and changing it to "Can show". You can also set the expiration date, which means that the file will only be shared for a specified period of time.

Sharing options

Note: On the iPhone or iPad mobile app, it works a little differently. You will see a "View Only" link in the sharing menu to disable editing. The "Link Settings" option allows you to set an expiration date.

link settings and show only buttons on iOS

Once you have set these options as you wish (or left them with the default values), you can share your file. At the top of the sharing options are the OneDrive sharing options by default.

The main modes of sharing

These provide the following sharing methods:

  • Copy the link: Create a URL and copy it to the Clipboard so you can paste it wherever you want. This link can be used by anyone.
  • Invite People: Sends a link to one or more email addresses that you have selected from your contacts or entered manually. This link can only be used by the people to whom you send it.
  • To send Files: Allows the file to be sent to someone. You can send the file via email or any other communication application to your phone, such as Slack or WhatsApp. Unlike "Copy Link" or "Invite People", which provides a link that people can click on, this sends a copy of the file. Links can be "not shared" at any time, but once you send the file to someone, it can keep it indefinitely. Only use it if you allow the recipient to keep it.
  • Perspective: If you have Outlook on your phone, an email containing the link will be sent to you.

All applications and methods provided by your phone to share a file, be it Slack, WhatsApp, Signal, LINE, Twitter, Facebook, Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, Email or any other application you have installed , are below. Tap the appropriate icon and follow the instructions to share the file.

To cancel sharing a file, tap the three dots next to it, and then click the information icon.

The information icon for the file

This will show the properties of the file and show down with which you have shared the file.

The people with whom you shared the file

Click the "Can edit" link (or "Can display" if you have shared the file read-only) and select "Stop Sharing" from the menu that appears. Click "OK" to stop sharing the file.

The Stop sharing radio button

Sharing (and not sharing) a file via the O365 web interface

Log in to Office 365 and access OneDrive.

The O365 application launcher and application tiles

Select the file you want to share and click "Share" in the menu bar at the top.

The Share button on the menu bar

The file sharing options will be displayed. They are quite similar to those of the OneDrive application. The default sharing option is to allow users to edit a file that you share with them. You can also set an expiration date if you only want the file. to share for a given period

Sharing options in OneDrive

An option only available in the OneDrive Web interface is to password protect the file by clicking on "Set Password". This means that when you create and send a link to the file, a person will only be able to open the link if they have the password. For security-conscious users, this feature is useful and worth using if you have something sensitive to share.

The two main options for sending the link are "Get Link" and "Email".

  • Get a link: Create a link that you can copy and paste wherever you want. This link will work for anyone who has it.
  • E-mail: Opens a web mail containing the link, where you can enter one or more email addresses and a message. This link will only work for those who access it using the specified email addresses.

Click "More" to view specific services that you can share. At the time of writing, these services are limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Weibo. When you click on one of them, a new window opens to allow you to connect to this service and view it. the link. The reason why Microsoft chose these four services is guesswork, although they own LinkedIn, and that Facebook, Twitter and Weibo probably hold accounts for a good part of the Internet population, but why, or more? We are not sure, but if you want to share a file in another application, click on "Get a link" and paste it into the application of your choice.

To cancel sharing a file, select it and click on the information icon at the top right of the OneDrive page.

The information button for the file

This will bring up the properties of the file. Click "Manage Access" to see who you shared the file with.

The access management link

A list of share links will appear, indicating who can access the file and what their permissions are.

Share links created

To change permissions, such as creating an editable file only in view or adding password protection, click the arrow under the link. To stop sharing the file, click on the "x" next to the link. A warning message will appear.

The delete warning dialog

Click "Remove link" to stop sharing the file. This will only remove this If you want to stop sharing the file completely, you must delete all the share links that you have created.


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