How to Sign Other Users Out of Windows 10

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Windows supports multiple accounts on the same device. If someone forgets to log out of their account, their profile always runs processes and consumes resources in the background. Here's how you can disconnect other users on the same computer.

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How to disconnect from other users

When a user locks his account, the computer returns to the login screen but leaves his account logged in and runs all his programs and processes in the background. This could be problematic for other people using the computer. You can disconnect other users by using the Task Manager or Command Prompt. We will explain both methods.

Note: To disconnect another user from your device, you must use an account with administrator privileges.

Use the task manager

Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc and then click the "Users" tab at the top of the window.

Task Manager Users Tab

Select the user that you want to disconnect, and then click "Logout" at the bottom of the window.

select a user and click on the logout button

You can also right-click on the user and click on "Signature" in the context menu.

right-click a user and select Log Off.

A prompt informs you that any unsaved data on the user 's account may be lost if you continue. Only continue if you know that they will not lose any data. Click "Disconnect User".

click on disconnect the user on the warning prompt

Using the command prompt

Open a command prompt window with elevated privileges by clicking Start, typing "cmd" in the search field, right-clicking on the result, and then clicking "Run in". as an administrator ".

launch the command prompt as an administrator

At the prompt, type the following command to identify the users currently connected to the device:

query session

command prompt, session request command

Each user has an associated identifier. Here, Mark is the user we are disconnecting and his username is "4".

Then, type the following command, but replace "ID" with the user ID of the previous command:

Logout ID

So, to disconnect Mark from our previous example, you must type logoff 4.

The command prompt does not notify you or confirm that the user has been logged out, but you must rerun the first command to tell you that the user is no longer listed.

command line disconnection command

Disconnecting a user in this way has the same risk of losing any unsaved data they may have worked on. The command prompt does not warn you before executing these commands. Make sure that all the users you log out have saved all their work before blindly ending their session.

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