How to Skip Back and Forward 10 Seconds in YouTube and Other Apps

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Have you ever looked for 10 second rewind and fast forward buttons in the YouTube app for iPhone, Android or iPad? There are no visible buttons, but there is a hidden tip. It also works in Netflix, Hulu, Disney + and many other video applications.

Rewind or forward ten seconds on YouTube

Rewind by double tapping anywhere in the left side of the video.

In the YouTube app, double tap anywhere on the left half of a video during playback to go back, or double tap anywhere on the right half of the image to go forward. Each time you press twice, YouTube will search 10 seconds forward or backward.

Continue tapping to go further back or forward. For example, if you tap the left half of the video three times, YouTube goes back 20 seconds. If you press the right half of the video four times, YouTube will advance 30 seconds. YouTube will show you how many seconds it quickly advances or rewinds on the screen.

The search bar at the bottom of a video is always a useful way to scroll through a long video. But, once you’re in the right place, there are a few taps you can make to quickly make adjustments.

On a computer with a keyboard, you can press the J and L keys while using YouTube to rewind and fast forward 10 seconds. YouTube supports multiple keyboard shortcuts.

Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Disney + and more

You can rewind or advance using the search bar.

This tip is particularly useful in the YouTube app, as YouTube does not offer visible “jump forward” and “go back” buttons. But it works in many video applications on your phone. Even in apps that have visible buttons, it can be faster to browse a video by double-tapping this large video player instead of tapping those small buttons.

Here are some applications in which it works:

  • Netflix: Double tap the left or right side of a video during playback to go back or forward 10 seconds, as if you had pressed the normal forward or back buttons in Netflix.
  • Hulu: In Hulu, the buttons jump 10 seconds back and 30 seconds forward. Double tap the left side of the screen to go back 10 seconds, or double tap the right side to go forward 30 seconds.
  • Disney +: Double tap left or right of the screen to go back or forward 10 seconds.

Unfortunately, this does not work in the HBO Now app. The app has buttons to go back 10 seconds and go forward 10 seconds, so you can press them instead. Most applications have these buttons visible. The YouTube app hides these buttons, which is very unusual.

We haven’t tried anything in all apps, but it’s a common thing that surely works in many more video players. It’s worth a try every time you watch videos on a phone or tablet.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work in browsers like Safari on iPhone and iPad and Google Chrome on Android.

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