How to Stay Motivated in the Cold Weather

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If you are motivated by the summer heat but you are more than lethargic once the cold has come, you are certainly not alone. Here's how to stay motivated by the cold.

This moment you look out the window and you feel the cold air that envelops your whole body, the wind blowing around you and the rain that makes everything wet and sticky. Yes, all you want to do is cancel the day and return to bed. We know we went there.

Unfortunately, there is no winter vacation to hibernate us, so here's how to stay motivated in cold weather!

Love your mornings

Seriously. Create the best morning routine that will make you jump out of bed because you are happy to savor every second. It may sound silly, but once you start doing that, you'll get what we're trying to say here. Put on your favorite song, get yourself a delicious cup of tea or coffee, make your favorite breakfast, dance at home, take the time to prepare yourself, you will not even notice the weather that it makes out , not to mention the time it will affect you.

Mornings set the tone for your day. Make it a time of full awareness and fun to prepare for the day.

Winter arrives and with it the cold and wet weather. Unless you live in a place where winter is not common, there is nothing you can do to change it. Instead of waking up miserable, change the story and give your morning routine a look to expect each night when you fall asleep.

Write motivational post-it notes. . .

Screen shot of the show Being Mary Jane showing her with her usual Post It NoteBET

. . . and leave them all around the house. If you have already watched the series Being Mary Janeyou'll know what I'm talking about The main character leaves Post-It notes near her bed, on her bathroom mirror, in her closet, on her fridge, on the kitchen counter, near the front door – wherever she goes during his morning routine. The notes serve as little reminders or mantras that you can read everyday or simply scan with your brain, knowing that basically, the information is stored.

Messages can be motivational and inspiring quotes, interesting facts and anecdotes, funny memes and jokes that will make you laugh. You can also change them as many times as you like or simply complete the existing collection whenever you come across something that deserves to be noted. We should be grateful to the gods of social media who make it easy to find quality quotes when we scroll through one platform or another.

Many newspapers and planners have quotes and facts scattered throughout their pages, as their creators believe that they will inspire, motivate, arouse certain feelings and get people to stop and think when they are not. they read them. If your calendar does not contain these details, add them and start the day reading what you have written. It has a really powerful impact and often hits the right place, no matter how hard your day is.

Listen to podcasts and audio books

It does not matter how much we would like to read and read a book, whether it is fiction, non-fiction or something that is intended for personal fulfillment or for the sake of it. Improving our career, many of us do not (or do not feel that we do not do it) have the time to read. Or the energy. Or both. All our lives are so hectic and filled with task lists, activities, meetings and messages, and many of us barely have time to breathe.

Listening to podcasts and audiobooks is a great way to learn new things, hear other people's experiences and feel like you're doing something meaningful. Rather than trying to finish the book you started months ago (and you just can not keep your eyes open when you take it before you go to bed), listen to an audiobook. Do not feel guilty either: Audio books are as good as ordinary books where it counts

You can hook up while you drink your coffee in the morning or while driving your car to make your ride more bearable. Whatever your choice, listening to someone talk about a topic you find interesting will keep you motivated, even on the coldest days.

Warm up with exercise

It may be obvious, but exercising definitely raises the temperature of our body. It is therefore less likely that we find the cold, the outside air as terrible as we thought. The exercise also brightens our head and brings a wave of fresh energy all over our body, making the day's work easier.

Go running, go to the gym or participate in a good hot yoga session. Whatever you do, take advantage of it and push your limits. It's a great motivation!

Woman doing a backbend in the autumn parkKarla Tafra

Show yourself

At the end of the day, no one will motivate you except you. You must make a promise that you will be ready to hold and continue to lobby, no matter how difficult. The will is all that is needed. Take the challenge, set yourself small achievable goals and reward yourself every time you crush them.

Some evidence suggests that we are not willing to keep our eyes on a long-term price. "We respond much more easily to immediate rewards," says Anne Wilson, a professor of social psychology who studies motivation at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. This brings a sense of accomplishment and success with each goal completed, which can support your motivation in the long run.

For example, the next time you procrastinate to go to your Soulcycle class, start with a 15 to 20 minute workout in your home gym. Progress slowly up to 30 minutes in your local gym. Finally, take a 45-minute full course of Soulcycle. No baby.

Enjoy the winter holidays

Some things only happen during the cold season, so try to make the most of the situation and enjoy the magical moments. From Halloween to pumpkin patches to all fun snow activities, actively participating in all that the cold brings brings pleasure, excitement and remembrance.

Instead of worrying about going out in the morning, think about the beautiful Christmas lights you'll see on your way to work or the golden leaves that you'll be treading everywhere when you walk your dog or store at the farmers' market. 'It's the season to be happy after all!

Motivation is a fun word. The motivation comes and goes with the wind, and it can be a bit difficult to stimulate when the last signs of summer fade. Nevertheless, the seasons must change and if we are always grumpy and unmotivated when that happens, so do we.

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