How to Stop Excel From Moving the Selection Box When You Hit Enter

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When you type information in Excel and press the Enter key, the selection box moves to the cell below. This is standard Excel behavior, but you might find it frustrating. Fortunately, the default setting can be changed.

A quick and easy solution to prevent modification of the selected cell is to press the “Ctrl” and “Enter” keys simultaneously, instead of pressing only “Enter”. Using the key combination ensures that the cell in which you entered the information remains the active cell.

This is a good quick fix for point instances, but you can also change the Excel options to permanently prevent Excel from moving the selection area.

Start by clicking on the “File” tab of the ribbon.

Click on the File tab

Then select “Options” at the bottom of the list on the left.

Access Excel options

From there, click on the “Advanced” button then uncheck the box “After pressing Enter, Move the selection” to deactivate all movements of the selected cell.

Stop the movement of the selected cell by pressing Enter

Alternatively, you can change the direction of the selected cell using the “Direction” list.

Change the direction of the selection box to Enter

These changes will affect all workbooks, ensuring that Excel behaves the way you need them to.

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