How to Take a Screenshot by Tapping the Back of Your Android Phone

Someone's fingers on the back of an Android phone.
Joe fedewa

How do you take a screenshot on your Android phone or tablet varies depending on the model you have. However, with the help of a handy app, you can capture a screenshot just by tapping the back of your device.

The app we recommend is Press, press. It’s not available on the Google Play Store, but you can easily side-load it on any Android 7.0 or later device. Before continuing, follow our guide to get Tap, Tap installed and ready to go.

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To configure the screenshot gesture, open Tap, Tap, then select “Double Tap Actions” or “Triple Tap Actions”. For this guide, we will select the first one.

Then press “Add action”.

Tap “Screenshot”.

That’s all you really need to do, but you can take it a step further if you want to make sure the action behaves correctly. To do this, press “Add requirement”.

It is not possible to take a screenshot when the screen is off, but to make sure the gesture is not detected, tap “Show on”. Now the Tap, Tap app will only work when the screen is on.

That’s all! You can now tap the back of your phone to instantly take a screenshot.

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