How to Tell Which iPhone You Have

Apple iPhone XS back logoJustin Duino

Most iPhones share a similar design, so it's not always easy to know which model you have. This information is essential when shopping for accessories such as enclosures or ask Apple for technical support. Here's how to find the smartphone in your pocket.

To start, launch the "Settings" application. If you can not find the application, from the home screen, slide down on the phone screen and use Spotlight to search for "Settings."

Apple iPhone Home Screen

Then scroll down and press the "General" option.

Apple iPhone Settings Menu

Third, select "About" at the top of the list.

Apple iPhone General Settings Menu

Now that you are on the About screen, you can see the "Model Name" and "Model Number" of your iPhone.

Apple iPhone About the Settings menu

The model name of your iPhone is all you need to know when you purchase cases and other accessories specifically designed for your device. The model number is information that only Apple may need.

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