How to Turn Off COVID-19 Exposure Logging and Notifications on iPhone

User using the exposure logging function for COVID-19 Expsoure notifications on iPhoneKhamosh Pathak

Apple presented its Exposure notifications API in the IPhone iOS 13.5 update as well as exposure logging and notifications developed explicitly to facilitate tracking of coronavirus contacts. Here’s how you can turn the COVID-19 exposure logging feature on or off on your iPhone.

Google and Apple have joined forces to create a digital version of a contact tracking framework called Exhibition notifications. If you’ve installed a health tracking app, your iPhone will send random Bluetooth beacons to devices around you. It will also retrieve tags from phones that you have been using for 10 minutes or more.

If someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, they can mark themselves as infected in the health tracking app. Every day, your iPhone downloads a new anonymous database of those whose cases are verified and compares them to the tags stored on your device. If you have crossed paths in the past 14 days, you will receive a notification informing you that you may have been exposed to COVID-19, and the application will guide you through the following steps.

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The exposure logging feature is not enabled by default, and to enable it, you must install a supported health tracking application (from your local public health organization). That said, you can enter and deactivate the function (and delete the exposure log) at any time.

To start, open the “Settings” application on your iPhone and then select the “Confidentiality” option.

Tap Privacy in the settings

Here, press the “Health” button.

Tap Health from Privacy

Now you will see the brand new “COVID-19 Exposure Logging” option at the top of the Health page.

Press COVID-19 exposure logging from health

Here you will find the details of the health monitoring apps that you have installed. If a health monitoring application is installed, you can press the toggle next to “Explore logging” to activate the function.

Press the exhibition logging to activate it

Select the “Exposure Controls” option to view a record of all requests to verify your exposure log in the past 14 days.

If you wish, you can delete your exposure log by pressing the “Delete exposure log” button.

Press to view or delete exposure logs

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