How to Turn Your Android Phone into a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Public Wi-Fi is available for free, but this entails risks. If you instead enable the point of access feature on your Android phone, you can create a portable Wi-Fi network and connect other devices to the Internet.

Mobile Wi-Fi access points are also useful in other situations. For example, if your Internet connection is interrupted at home, you can switch to your wireless access point and put your other devices back online in seconds.

Thanks to Android Fragmentation, the procedure for setting up your mobile access point may vary depending on the manufacturer of your phone and the version of Android used.

Set up your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

Android has included some kind of Wi-Fi access point since Froyo version 2.2, so it should be available on your phone. However, you should check with your mobile carrier if your plan allows you to share your data connection.

To create your Wi-Fi hotspot, open your device settings. you can do it from the application tray. Or swipe down on your screen to view the nuance of the notifications, and then tap the gear icon at the top right.

Tap the gear icon.

The next step varies depending on your device. On a Samsung device, tap "Connections"; otherwise, press "Network and Internet".

Tap "Mobile and Modem Access Point" on a Samsung device or on "Access Point & Modem" on other Android devices.

On a Samsung, tap "Mobile hotspot" to set it up; Do not press the rocker unless you have already configured your access point. On other Android devices, tap "Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot" under "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot."

On most Android devices, you set up your Wi-Fi access point in this menu. Choose an appropriate network name, password, Wi-Fi security option, and tap "Save."

If you're using a Samsung device, tap the hamburger menu at the top left and tap "Set Mobile Access Point" to access these settings.

You can then customize your network name, password, and Wi-Fi settings in more detail. When done, tap "Save".

Enable Android Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

After setting up your Wi-Fi hotspot, turn on the "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot" (most Android devices) or the "Mobile hotspot" (Samsung).

Android can warn you of increased use of data and battery. Press "OK" to confirm. Your Wi-Fi hotspot is now active and ready to connect.

Once your mobile access point is active, it should appear just like any other Wi-Fi network on your other devices. Use the password you selected during setup to log in.

You can also quickly enable or disable the feature from quick actions in the shadow of notifications. Slide your screen down to see the shadow of your notifications and reveal your quick actions. Tap "Access Point" or "Mobile Access Point" (depending on your device) and enable or disable it.

If you plan to connect multiple devices to your Android Wi-Fi hotspot, you must keep your using data in the spirit. On Android, you can monitor and restrict the use of your data if your allocation is limited.

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If you apply a data limit to your device, Android automatically disables your data connection when you reach the limit.

Connection sharing restrictions and third-party applications

You can create Wi-Fi access points with third-party applications available in the Google Play Storebut most people should not have to deal with it. The built-in Android point-of-access method works great for most people who need to set up a Wi-Fi network to be able to use it with other devices.

However, if your carrier does not allow you to connect other devices to your phone, the standard Android Hotspot method may not work for you. Your operator may also impose restrictions on the use of data for devices that connect via hotspot.

Applications like PdaNet + offer a workaround, but you might need a rooted phone for bypass the restrictions of attachment on your Android phone completely. And keep in mind that this probably violates your operator's terms and conditions.

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