How to Turn Your Mac On and Off

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It may not be easy to know how to turn on or off a Mac if you are a novice user. Plus, what do you do if the machine is frozen? Here's how to turn on and off your Mac, regardless of your model.

How to turn on your Mac

To turn on your Mac, all you have to do is press the "Power" button. The location of the power button depends on the computer you own. Below are some steps for almost all Mac models.

If the machine is idle, you can usually turn it back on by pressing any key, lifting the MacBook cover, or tapping the touchpad.

MacBook with Touch ID sensor

If you have a MacBook Pro (2016 or later) or a new MacBook Air (2018 and newer), you will notice that there is no physical power button on your laptop. Instead, the power button is built into the Touch the identification button, right next to the touch bar.

Power button on the MacBook Pro model with TouchbarApple

Press the button in the upper right corner to turn on your MacBook.

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MacBook with function keys

If you are using an older MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, a physical row of function keys (F1 to F12) appears at the top of the keyboard. The physical power button is located at the far right of the keyboard. Press and hold to turn on your MacBook.

Power button on MacBook Pro without touchbarApple

If you are using the 2018 MacBook Pro or the 2018 MacBook Air, you can also press any key on the keyboard or click the trackpad to turn on the computer.

Mac mini

On the Mac mini, the power button is a circular button located on the back of the computer. This is on the left side of the computer ports.

Power button on Mac miniApple

iMac and iMac Pro

Power button on the iMacApple

The iMac and the iMac Pro have a circular power button similar to the back of the monitor. This is in the lower right corner of the computer when you look at the Mac from behind.

Mac Pro

Power button on Mac ProApple

On "Mac Pro" 2013, the power button is located on the back of the case. It's just above the power port.

How to shut down your Mac

There are several ways to turn off your Mac depending on the state in which it is located. If your Mac is working properly and you want to turn it off, click on the Apple logo in the top menu bar, then select "Stop."

Click the Shut Down option on the Apple menu to shut down your Mac.

A pop-up window asking if you want to reopen all current windows the next time you start your Mac. Confirm your choice and click "Stop" again.

The closing process will begin and all screen applications will close one by one. The last step will be that the screen of your Mac becomes white. Your Mac is now off.

As you learned above, you can turn your Mac back on by pressing the power button. If your Mac does not start, use our troubleshooting guide.

How to force the closure

If your Mac is frozen and it does not respond to a tap on the keyboard or trackpad, you will need to use the unsafe forced shutdown method. To do this, press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

Again, this should be your last option if nothing else works. Although forcibly shutting down your computer should not hurt your Mac, something may break.

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