How to Use a Music Streaming Service as an Alarm on Android

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Google’s Clock app can use songs from streaming services as alarm sounds, giving you millions of tracks to wake you up in the morning. Here’s how to set it up.

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While there are many alarm apps on the Google Play Store, there is only one that properly integrates with major streaming services. This is the native Google Clock app, which is installed by default in Pixel phones. If you are using another phone, the manufacturer of your smartphone probably has their own clock app installed on your device.

AT download the Google Clock app, search for “Google Clock” in the Play Store. The alarm settings from your current clock app will not be transferred to the Google app. Don’t forget to configure them and deactivate your old alarm, so you won’t accidentally have two alarms that go off in the morning.

There is also an added benefit of using music streaming with Google Clock. If you wake up to a song you like, you can keep playing the rest of the tracks instead of turning off the alarm or hitting snooze. However, unless these playlists are downloaded offline, make sure your phone is connected to the Internet in the morning.

Three music services can be integrated into Google’s clock app: Spotify, YouTube Music and Pandora Radio. Here’s how to pair each one.

How to set Spotify songs as alarms

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. If you have an Android device, it is likely that you already have a Spotify account. However, to integrate your alarm with Spotify, you must have a Spotify Premium subscription.

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First, open the Google Clock app and tap the bell icon under one of your alarms to access the alarm sound settings.

Google Clock alarm settings

Select the Spotify tab, then tap Connect in the lower right corner. If you have a Spotify account on your phone, you will be directed to an permissions screen. Tap Accept to connect your Spotify account to the clock app.

Spotify Connect to Clock app Spotify permissions

Once your app is connected, go to the Spotify tab in the alarm sound settings. You’ll see several playlists recommended by Spotify internally, including “Wide Awake”, “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” and “Wake Up!” Do exercises! “. When you select one of these playlists, it mixes daily with the tracks it contains. Tap a playlist to preview the types of songs found there.

You can also press the search button at the bottom right to browse the entire Spotify database. You can select a single song, choose an album, browse an artist’s complete discography or use one of the millions of playlists available on Spotify, including custom playlists you’ve created.

Spotify default alarmsSpotify search database

Spotify also allows you to set a podcast as an alarm. It’s perfect for daily podcasts. You can select one of the podcasts listed in the Google Clock app, or create a playlist of podcast episodes and use it.

How to use YouTube Music as an alarm

Besides Spotify, Google’s alarm function also works with its music streaming service, YouTube Music. To link your YouTube Music account to the Google Clock app, just install YouTube Music on your phone and have an account. As with Spotify, you must have a YouTube Music Premium subscription to make it work.

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When you access the alarm sound settings, tap the YouTube Music tab in the top middle. You’ll see a series of internal playlists sorted by genre, such as “Relaxation”, “Today’s Hits” and “Pop Music”. There is also some customization in the selection you will see. At the top, you’ll see the artists, songs, playlists, and albums you’ve recently listened to in the YouTube Music app.

YouTube Music default alarmsMusic search on YouTube Billy Joel

Under the “Your Favorites” tab, you will also see your most listened artists and albums. There is also “Your Mix”, which is an automatic selection of music based on your listening habits. You can also search for any track or playlist in the YouTube Music library by pressing the Search button.

How to wake up with Pandora Radio

If you prefer a more organized way to wake up in the morning, you can also select Pandora Radio Stations as an alarm clock in the morning. To do this, you must have the Pandora application installed on your phone and you must be logged in.

Pandora Radio Default Stations
Pandora Radio

Select Pandora in the sound settings. From there, you can select one of the stations recommended for waking up, such as “Upbeat Indie Morning” and “Laid Back Morning”. You can also browse all stations in the service using the Search button. Tap the station to preview the music style it contains.

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