How to Use the vCard Feature in Outlook

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A vCard is a virtual business card that you can attach to emails in Outlook (or elsewhere) and send digitally. Here’s how to create a vCard, send one, or import one in Outlook and Gmail.

How to create vCard file in Outlook

In Outlook, click on the “Contacts” icon to begin.

contacts icon

Click File> New Entry to create a new contact.

new entry in contacts

Select “New contact”, then click on the “OK” button.

new contact

Add the information you want to share in the vCard. Remember that this information will be included in every email you attach it to. So it is best to avoid personal information unless the contact is not disturbed by others. When done, click “Save and Close”.

vcard register

How to send vCard file in Outlook

Open a new email and address it to the person you’re sending the email to.

E-mail adress

Click the paperclip icon in the toolbar to attach a file to the email.

tie icon

From the “Attachments” menu, select Attach Item> Business Card> Other Business Cards.

attach a vcard

Choose the vCard you want to import and click “OK”.

choose contact

How to import vCard file from Outlook email

To import a vCard file into Outlook, click the arrow on the right side of the vCard and choose “Open.”

open the vcard

When finished, the vCard opens in the “Contacts” menu. To save it, click on “Save and Close”.

save and close

How to import a vCard into Gmail

Open the email message and click “Download” on the attached vCard.

download the vcard

Open the file and choose the program you want to open it with. Outlook, the first option, allows you to import it directly into your contacts. Click on Outlook then on “OK” to open the file.

outlook press ok

Outlook will then open the “Contacts” menu. To save, just click “Save and Close”.

save and close

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