How to Use Windows 10’s “Fresh Start” on the May 2020 Update

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Windows 10 May 10 Update moves the “Fresh Start” function which allows you to reinstall Windows while removing any bloatware installed by the manufacturer on your laptop or desktop computer. It is no longer part of the Windows security application.

You will find Fresh Start integrated into Windows 10 “Reset your PC” function. It’s no longer called Fresh Start and you need to enable a special option to uninstall the bloatware while resetting your PC to its default state.

To get started, go to Settings> Update & security> Recovery. Click “Start” under Reset this PC.

Select “Keep my files” to keep the personal files on your PC or “Delete all” to delete them. In all cases, Windows will delete your installed applications and settings.

Warning: Make sure your important files are backed up before clicking “Delete All”.

Choose to keep or delete files when resetting Windows 10.

Then select “Download to the cloud” to download the Windows 10 installation files from Microsoft or “Local reinstall” to use the Windows installation files on your PC.

Downloading to the cloud may actually be faster if you have a fast Internet connection, but your PC will need to download several gigabytes of data. Local reinstallation does not require a download, but it can fail if your Windows installation is corrupted.

On the Additional Settings screen, click “Change settings”.

Set the “Restore pre-installed applications?” option on “No” When this option is deactivated, Windows does not automatically reinstall the applications supplied by the manufacturer of your computer with your computer.

Note: If the message “Restore pre-installed applications?” The option is not present here, your PC does not have preinstalled applications. This can happen if you installed Windows on your PC yourself or if you previously removed the preinstalled applications from your PC.

Click “Confirm” and continue the process of resetting this PC.

You will get a clean Windows installation without any application installed by the manufacturer clogging up your system afterwards.

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