How to View a Saved Password in Safari on iPhone and iPad

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It can be frustrating when you need to sign in to a site on another device or browser but have lost the password. Fortunately, if you previously saved this password using Safari on iPhone or iPad, you can easily get it back. Here’s how.

First, launch “Settings,” which is usually found on the first page of your Home screen or on your Dock.

Open settings on iPhone

Scroll through the list of settings options until you see “Passwords and Accounts.” Tap on it.

Tap Passwords & Accounts in iPhone Settings

In the “Passwords and accounts” section, tap “Passwords for websites and applications”.

Tap Website and App Passwords in iPhone Settings

After successfully authenticating (using Touch ID, Face ID, or your passcode), you’ll see a list of saved account information organized alphabetically by website name. Scroll or use the search bar until you find the entry with the password you need. Tap on it.

Tap an account name to see a Safari password saved in Settings on iPhone

On the next screen, you will see the account information in detail including username and password.

Your website password revealed in iPhone settings

If possible, memorize the password quickly and avoid writing it down on paper. If you often have difficulty managing passwords, it is best to use a password manager instead.

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