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You have uploaded photos from your camera, phone or USB stick. Now you want to share these galleries with your friends and family in a beautiful presentation. This guide explains how to view a slideshow in Windows 10 using native tools.

This guide explains two built-in methods: use the Photos application and use the file explorer. The advantage of the Photos application is that you have immediate access to other albums and folders without having to dig into the file explorer. Meanwhile, the version of the File Explorer provides built-in slideshow controls that are not present in the Photos application.

Use the application Photos

Normally, all you have to do is double-click on an image file to launch the Photos application. If Photos is not set as the default image application on your computer, right-click a photo, hover over "Open With", and select "Photos".

Once the application is loaded, you will see the static image on your screen. Move your mouse over the left or right side of the image and you can move forward or backward on another image using the virtual arrow overlays.

To start a slideshow, click the three-dot button in the upper right corner. This expands a drop-down menu listing a "Slideshow" option at the top. Click on this option to start the show.

Use the slideshow in Windows 10 Photos App

Once the slideshow starts, it will browse through all the images stored in the folder associated with the original photo. The slideshow will not add images stored in subfolders.

For commands, you can press the right arrow key to move to the next picture or the left arrow key to return to the previous picture.

You can also add a folder to the Photos application and view a specific slideshow at any time.

First, click the Windows button in your taskbar, and then click the Photos application located on the Start menu. If you can not find it, type "Photos" immediately after pressing the Windows button.

Windows 10 Select Photos Application

When the Photos application is open, select "Folders" in the toolbar of the application, then the "Add Folder" tile.

Windows 10 Photos App Add a folder

In this next step you will see one of two scenarios:

A pop-up window with the suggested folders. Ignore them and click on the "Add Another Folder" link to open the file explorer. You can always add folders later.
No pop-up window. The "Add Folder" button sends you directly to the file explorer.

When File Explorer is open, locate the folder you want to add and click the "Add this folder to images" button.

Add a folder to the images

Once the file explorer is closed, click once to open the folder you just added in the Photos application. Once inside, click on the three-dot button in the upper right corner and then on the Slide Show option in the drop-down menu.

Use the slideshow in Windows 10 Photos App

Your displays will become dark and the slideshow will begin.

You can display specific images in a slide show by holding down the CTRL key while selecting each image in the folder. You can also select an image chain at a time by holding down the SHIFT button while selecting the first and last image.

In either case, right-click after selecting your images, then select the "Open" option from the pop-up menu. Once the Photos application is loaded (if it is set by default), start the slideshow as shown.

Photos application with right click

Read our guide for additional instructions on how to use The application Photos of Windows 10.

Use the image tools in the file explorer

This method does not use the Photos application. Instead, it relies on built-in tools in the file explorer. You can display images in a slide show located in any folder, whether on your PC, on a USB stick or on an external drive.

For example, if images are stored in the Downloads folder, you can select them and view them all in a slide show, even if they are all divided into separate subfolders.

First, click on the folder icon located in the taskbar. This opens the file explorer.

Open the file explorer in Windows 10

Navigate to the folder containing your images and click once on an image to select it. The "Manage" tab appears with the "Image Tools" option of the toolbar. Click on this new entry "Picture Tools" followed by the "Slideshow" button in the drop-down menu.

File Explorer Start Slideshow

Your screens darken and the slideshow begins.

If you prefer to simply display images in a specific subfolder, enter that folder, select an image and follow the steps.

As with the Photos application, you can view specific images in a slide show by holding down the CTRL key while selecting each image in the folder. You can also select an image chain at a time by holding down the SHIFT key while selecting the first and last image.

However, unlike the Photos application, select "Image Tools" in both cases and then "Slideshow" to view the selected images in a presentation.

File Explorer Start Slideshow Selected Images

Control your slideshow in the file explorer

It's simple: just right click on the image displayed during the slideshow. You will see this pop-up menu as a result:

Windows 10 Slide Show Controls

As shown, you can change the speed, mix or loop your images, and so on.

This menu does not appear during slide shows in the Photos application.

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