How to View Song Lyrics on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV

Apple Music is the way to listen to music on Apple devices. Although there are alternatives, the integration is second to none. There are also some nice features, like being able to follow the lyrics of the songs.

Apple Music is not the only streaming music service available on Apple platforms, but even if Spotify and others are more than capable, it's interesting to use software designed specifically for a platform, and Apple Music is a great example. There is a lot to like about it too, and the lyrics of the songs are one of those features that you may not use very much, but that you are very happy to have when you can not understand this. word in your new favorite song.

Unfortunately, Apple has failed in the past in feature discovery, which is another example. You probably do not even know that Apple Music supports lyrics. We are here to remind you not only of their existence, but also to show you how to access it. The method differs slightly depending on whether you're listening to a Mac, Apple TV, or iOS device. So we will look at both options.

See the lyrics of the song on iPhone or iPad

To start, open the Music app and start playing the song for which you want to display the lyrics. Then, swipe up the music controls at the bottom of the screen to display the "Now Playing" screen.

Finally, press the "Show" button next to "Lyrics".

Viewing lyrics on a Mac

On a Mac, open iTunes (sorry, that's the only way!) And start playing the song for which you want to display the lyrics. Then click on the "Plus" icon at the top of the screen and then on "Lyrics".

Viewing Lyrics on Apple TV

The Apple TV may not be the first place you think about listening to music, but it works like a charm and could make sense if your Apple TV is part of your home entertainment setup .

Regardless of the speakers connected, start playing the song, then swipe it up on the touch surface of your remote before selecting the "Plus" icon. That's all we can say about it.

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