How to Watch the 2017 World Series Live

The 2017 World Series is officially here. If you want to see all the actions, here are different ways to watch the show on your TV or mobile device.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will face the Houston Astros, the latter having never won the World Series, and the first has not won anything since 1988. It should be a great match of two teams that both have good pitchers and a range that can very well hit the ball.

Most importantly, you'll want to watch the games, whether at home on your TV or on the go using your mobile device. Here are some ways to catch all the action.

In the air

The simplest and cheapest way to watch the World Series this year is perhaps to watch them live with the help of a simple TV antenna, since the seven games will be broadcast on FOX, each match starting at 8 pm ET.

If you have not yet installed a TV antenna, be sure to follow our guide to find out how to get there. If you have already installed an antenna, be sure to do everything you can to get the best possible reception – if this involves replacing your current antenna with a suitable antenna, or repositioning it to an optimal location .


If you are not at home and you need to watch the World Series from a mobile device, MLB.TV is an option – you will have access at all World Series games, but there is a big caveat.

In addition to paying for a MLB.TV subscription ($ 24.99 to watch the World Series if you have not yet subscribed), you will also need to connect with a cable TV company to watch them. games. This is obviously a huge bummer, but thankfully, this is not the only streaming option.

FOX Sports to go

While you still need to connect with your cable provider in order to take advantage of FOX Sports Go service is at least free to start, making it the best option if you want to play the game on your mobile device. If you do not have a cable subscription, a generous friend or family member may let you borrow theirs.

The app is available for iOS devices Android and iOS and although I prefer the MLB.TV UI, you have to pay for it. # 39; s subscription.

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