Hulu's Quarantine-Friendly Remote Watch Party Feature Now Available Everywhere


Back in May, Hulu started testing a Watch Party feature that allows you to watch the same movie or TV show with others without being in the same room. It is similar to the functionality introduced by Plex, Movies everywhere, and Sling. Now the company is broadcast this to everyone. And unlike the trial period, you will get the functionality whether or not you are up to the level with or without ads.

Unfortunately, Hulu’s Watch Party is still limited to the browser. In most cases, that means you will need to open Hulu on your laptop or computer and stream it through technology like Chromecast or AirPlay to play it on your TV.

On the bright side: Unlike some monitoring tools together, Hulu allows each user in the group to control the playback of the video stream. Pressing Pause won’t affect the flow of others, but if you end up falling behind, you can just hit “Click to Catch Up” to sync with the rest of the group.

You’ll be able to invite up to eight friends or family with built-in support for voice chat, putting it ahead of most companies that offer this feature. It should be noted that, according to Hulu, the viewing party feature is available for “thousands of titles” in its library, which indicates that not all movies or TV shows will work.

The monitoring tools together have been a very important tool in an age when most of us stay at home. Hopefully Hulu will add in-app support in the future.

Source: Hulu via Engadget

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