I Paid $42 for Apple to Install a Screen Protector and I Ain’t Even Mad

IPhone X Screen Protector

Installing yourself a screen protector is one of the worst things in your life, perhaps worse than banging your toe. It's so bad that I went to an Apple Store and paid $ 42.75 to do it for me. I regret nothing.

Anyone who has ever tried to install a screen protector knows exactly what I am talking about – you can never align it properly, and dust particles always seem to sneak under the protector. screen when you drop it. .

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I finally threw the sponge and went to an Apple Store, where I knew that they had special little dishonesty that can perfectly fit a screen protector every time on your new iPhone. The results are always fantastic.

A closer look at these little special Doohickies

The screen protection applicators that you see in the Apple Store are actually Belkin's design, called ScreenCare + application system.

It's as simple as placing the iPhone and the screen protector in the slots (which allows you to put everything away), close the shell, and then remove the protective film. A trained seal could probably do it.

The ScreenCare + system is owned by Apple Stores, although T-Mobile stores to have something similar from Belkin as well as. Unfortunately, the public can not buy these devices for themselves, so the farmers are forced to do the old-fashioned way.

You can buy screen protectors that come with small frames cheap This makes it easier to align the screen protector, but it's not quite the same as Belkin's application systems.

You pay for the service

When you go to an Apple Store and look at their screen protectors for sale, it's easy to make fun of the $ 39.95 price tag. InvisiGlass Ultra from Belkin tempered glass screen protector. After all, sensible person would only spend $ 39.95 for a screen protector with the intention of installing it himself. Instead, most of us would go to Amazon and buy something like this $ 14 pack of three of tempered glass screen protectors from an unnamed brand, which costs only $ 4.67 per screen protector.

Purchase a screen protector on the Apple Store

But here's the kicker: Apple will install screen protections "for free" as long as you buy one on the Apple Store. So, really, you should think more about it depending on the installation service included in the price. It's not so bad that an agreement after everything is said and done.

So really, when you pay a little over 40 USD (with taxes) for a screen protector in an Apple Store, you pay mostly for the convenience of its installation by Apple. It makes me at least a little better thinking that way. I would never spend so much for a screen protector if I had to install it myself.


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