I Wasted My Whole Morning on an AI Meme Generator

An example of the same AI generator.imgflip

Like most people, I have absolutely no sense of impulse control. I’m full of potential, but I’m distracted by bright things. Last week i spent my grocery money copyrighted Nintendo Switch sticker. And today, after the warnings from my editor and my co-authors, I lost four or five hours pressing the Refresh button on a generator of the same AI.

There is a lot of work I could have done this morning. But I came across Twitter message from K. Thor Jensen on the meme generator and fell into a sort of time loop. The imgflip memes generator is intoxicating in a way that is difficult to describe. Just choose a meme format, hit the refresh button and watch the AI ​​come up with surreal and nonsensical images.

Not bad huh? You need to refresh the AI ​​several times before it offers anything good. In a way, working with the memes generator is like listening to a playlist that your friend has created. It’s mostly horrible, but the good parts are good.

You can even type a few words to get the memes generator to work – a bit like improvisation, but actually funny. I spent an unhealthy time forcing the memes generator to find memes for the word “shit,” and I think this one, with its enlightening understanding of morality and the fall of ethics, is my favorite. :

Okay, it looks like I’m running out of time. I hope this article makes up for the hours I have wasted watching AI-generated memes. If there is anything to take away from this, dear reader, it is that you should avoid using the same AI generator – wait, have you already opened it? Well, not my problem.


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