iClever Solar Charger & Battery Pack Review: Wave Goodbye to Wall Plugs

IClever solar charger, open on a wooden table

If you have a lot of adventures or hikes and you almost never have access to a plug to charge your phone, you can take advantage of the iClever solar charger, a solar charger and a battery.

Even when traveling, most of us can get away with just a battery to charge our phones when needed. Then, once we arrive at our destination (or whenever we have access to a plug), we can recharge the battery and repeat the process.

But for those who brave the open spaces and do not even see an outlet for a moment, the sun can take over. This is where products like the iClever (and other solar chargers) come in.

IClever solar charger, closed

The solar charger and iClever battery are iPad mini-sized devices, delivered with two solar panels that can be folded and stored like a laptop in a backpack. It is certainly much larger than your usual battery, but it was never designed to slip into a pocket. You need solar panels of the correct size for a sufficient charge, after all.

Once closed, a small flap folds and attaches everything to the magnets. It therefore offers a sensation of high quality. What’s cool is that the flap is also where the charging ports are. Simply detach the rubber cap and you’ll see a microUSB port for charging the old-fashioned battery, as well as a large USB-A port that can transfer up to 2.4A of juice to your gadgets. We would like to see USB-C and fast charge support, but it may be a little too much to ask, at the moment, for a device sold for $ 49.

There is also a LED indicator for a visual representation of the battery level, as well as a small power button to turn the charger on and off, even if it turns on and off automatically when you plug in and unplug your devices.

IClever solar charger, open with charging ports displayed

The charger also features a velcro strap that can be used on your backpack when you’re on the move and need to be recharged. It is even rigid enough to be used as a crutch so that it can be placed in the optimal sun exposure position: the better the light, the faster the battery can charge (only a few hours under the sun).

The only complaint I have about this strap is that it does not really attach to the charger when it is not in use; it is in a way suspended there.

IClever solar charger, Velcro strap displayed

Of course, it is quite resistant in a wide range of temperatures and targets people who spend a lot of time outdoors. It can withstand temperatures up to -5 ° F and up to 175F. It also comes with IP63 certification, which means it’s anti-dust and can tolerate occasional splashing water.

Overall, it’s a good little charger that does the job well, but it is obviously aimed at a specific niche of users. Whatever type of physical activity you practice, you can easily take advantage of this type of activity, especially if you still want to use all your gadgets during the hike. A regular battery can do the trick, but there is always a chance that it will run out before the end of your trip. This solar charger can easily get rid of this anxiety. And for 49 dollars, it will certainly not break your piggy bank. If you want enough juice so your LED lanterns stay on and your phone stays charged for the perfect Instagram photos, this is a solid addition to your bag.

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