ICYDK: Make Your Android Phone Feel Faster by Changing the Animation Speed

The Window Animation Scale menu on the OnePlus 8 Pro Cam

One of the first things I do on every new Android phone is change the animation speed. Why? Because it makes the phone much faster. Even the fastest phones can benefit from this change: once you get used to it, the speed of the stock animation seems slow in comparison.

Welcome to ICYDK (In Case You Didn’t Know), a series where we feature tips and tricks that aren’t necessarily new, but which may or may not have been well known.

But that’s also not a change you’ll find in the system settings, anyway. This setting is actually found in the hidden developer options menu, which can be activated by tapping the build number seven times (located in the About Phone menu on most phones). Once activated, you will have a new entry called “Developer options” in your phone’s settings menu.

Note: The version number locations and developer options may vary depending on your phone manufacturer. You may need to search for a guide specific to your phone if you are having trouble finding them.

Once the Developer Options menu is open, scroll down to the Drawing section. From there, find the three options Window, Transition, and Animator Scale. Change them all from 1x to .5x and you will feel an immediate difference.

A screenshot of the Developer Options menu on a Pixel 4 XLA screenshot of the window animation scale menu

You can, of course, turn off the animations if you want, but I personally find it to be a jarring and jerky experience. You can test it out if you want to and see how you feel. You can always edit it if you don’t like it.

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