ICYDK: You Can Skip the Doordash Delivery Fee by Skipping the Doordash Site

A close-up of a Doordash sticker on a restaurant door.David Tonelson / Shutterstock

With the current pandemic and efforts to stay at home, it is probably very tempting to have your food delivered through a service like Doordash. But this convenience price adds up quickly and the delivery costs don’t help. How do you save a few dollars? Ignore Doordash’s website and use the restaurant’s website instead.

Welcome to ICYDK (In case you didn’t know), a series where we offer tips and tricks that are not necessarily new, but which may have been overlooked or otherwise not well known.

When you order through Doordash, you pay more than your food. You will also have to pay delivery charges, a tip to your Dasher (always tip your Dasher, even if it is in cash), and sometimes you will even pay a premium on food. While this is not true for all restaurants, some restaurants have higher prices on meals via Doordash than they charge in store.

Distribution of Doordash orders against Burger King's with BK cheaper.Doordash on the left, Burger King on the right. The same food and the same tip, but Burger King will charge $ 6 less.

And that is why before placing your order via Doordash, you must first consult the restaurant’s website. Your mileage may vary, but recently we ordered Burger King, O’Charley’s and Jersey Mike’s directly from the website and avoided delivery charges.

And here’s the thing: in many cases, Doordash (or a similar service like Uber Eats) still handles delivery. Most restaurants that traditionally do not offer delivery have turned to delivery services to assist you. So when you order through Burger King, they pass on the hard work to Doordash. This means that you will always receive SMS notifications to inform you of the stage of your order and when your Dasher arrives on the street.

In some cases, you will avoid shipping costs and pay lower prices for the food itself, which will save you more money. Curiously, depending on where you live, you can also pay less tax by ordering directly.

Bypassing the Doordash website will not save you every time. Some restaurants do not allow you to order delivery directly; others just charge fees. But enough to make it worth taking a minute and two to find out if you can save money on your next meal.

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