iMessage Features to Avoid with Your Green Bubble Android Buddies

IMessage allows you to do more good things than texting your friends and family, but for your countrymen who use Android, you'll want to skip these specific features of iMessage because they do not work. Google's mobile OS.

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Keep in mind; Some iMessage features still work with Android, but may not be as good as with other iPhones. I'll cover both sides of the spectrum so you know what works and what does not work with Android.

IMessage features that do not work with Android

Unsurprisingly, the majority of iMessage features either look rather funky or simply do not work with Android at all.

Apple Pay Cash This is a feature that you will not be able to use with your friends and your Android family, which is quite logical because Apple Pay Cash is anyway reserved for the iPhone. You'd better use PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash or another mobile payment platform.

Some iMessage apps may not work perfectly with Android. Your mileage may vary depending on the iMessage apps you use frequently, but I used the ETA The iMessage app sends my ETA to an Android friend. Although it appeared with a clean preview on my iPhone, it's simply revealed in the form of a URL. True, it still works technically, but it's not as clean.

As for Tapbacks (reactions of emoticons to messages), they work somehow on Android, but they appear as text. So when you're going to "congratulate" their text message that says "Thank you!", It will appear as a brand new text message that you've "liked", instead of displaying it as a small thumb up icon next to the original message.

It's the same with iMessage Effects, like sending text or photos with Invisible Ink. On Android, the effect will not appear. Instead, it will clearly show your text message or photo with "(Sent with invisible ink)" next to it. So, if you plan to send a nude photo with Invisible Ink to an Android friend, know that it will not be censored at all.

Handwritten messages will not be sent in the first place. You may think that iMessages would send them as a single image, but that always gives me the red error message "Not delivered" every time. It could be a bug, but it seems that others have encountered this problem also, and this has been happening for a while.

And for audio messages, this feature is not even available initially to send SMS to an Android friend. So for the slackers, you'll have to type everything (even if you can still use voice dictation).

So what features Make Work with Android?

It can be a little discouraging to know that many features of iMessage do not work with Android, especially if most of your friends and family are using Android. However, some iMessage features still work on both platforms. You do not really have any luck.

To begin, Kind of work Animoji when you send them to Android friends. A still image of an Animoji is sent as a normal image and presents itself very well; Animoji animated is also sent as video, but unfortunately it is of poor quality.

URL previews also work pretty well when you send an iPhone link to Android. Both devices will generate an attractive overview of the web page you are sending.

And of course, photos and videos will be sent to other Android devices. Although videos looks pretty terrible on android.

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Unfortunately, that's about it. No wonder here, but it shows how advantageous it is to use iMessage from iPhone to iPhone.


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