Indie Hit 'Among Us' Will Add a New Airship Map (So You Can Pick Skeld Again)

Screenshot of the airship 'Among Us'

In a year when The Last of Us II, DOOM Eternal, and Cyberpunk 2077 has landed on game consoles, the biggest hit might just be a weird little mobile game of 2018. Among us is a cultural phenomenon and a fascinating gameplay innovation. The game’s developers have dropped a sequel and committed to improving the original, including a new airship map in 2021.

Current map choices are The Skeld, a spaceship, Polus, an arctic compound that carries the game The thing inspiration on her sleeve, and Mira HQ, a Tokensstyle skyscrapers. All of them have different room setups and variations on the minigames that players must complete to survive (or sabotage as The Imposter).

The Airship map appears to be a similar remix of in-game elements, with new mini-games and ladders between deck levels. Players can choose which room to start in for the first time. It will be added to Among us for free in early 2021, as confirmed at last night’s Video Game Awards.

Source: Among us Twitter via Engadget

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