Instacart Launches Prescription Drug Delivery Through Costco

Screenshots of people ordering prescriptions via the Instacart app.Instacart

Grocery stores and crowded pharmacies are often the only places to get essential prescription drugs. But Instacart and Costco are trying to reduce store traffic with a new prescription program. The program, which allows you to order prescriptions via the Instacart app, is available in Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New York, Washington, and Washington D.C.

Planning the delivery of a Costco pharmacy is easy, even for people who have not used the Instacart app. Customers will receive an SMS when their prescription is ready, as well as a link to configure an Instacart delivery. Through this link, customers will add their shipping information and confirm delivery of their prescription. Customers also have the option of adding groceries to their delivery.

Of course, Instacart drivers must verify the identity of customers before submitting prescriptions. Drivers generally verify identity with a signature, but some Costco sites offer an identity scanning option for contactless delivery.

Instacart and Costco plan to expand their dispensing program to the United States. Of course Instacart is currently under a heavy load and delivery times are unpredictable. If you order your prescription via Instacart, be sure to schedule it as soon as you receive a “ready to pick up” text from Costco. Oh, and be sure to tip your Instacart driver.

Reference: CONTRIBUTION, Instacart

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