Instagram's Updated Video Chat Lets You Browse With Your Friends

Instagram's new co-monitoring feature allows you to view Instagram posts with your friends via video chat.

In order to keep people connected during the COVID-19 crisis, Instagram is rolling out a unique video chat feature called Co-Watching. This new feature allows you and your friends to share liked or suggested Instagram posts during a video chat.

This means that you can share a funny chat video with your friends and watch their reaction in real time. Or, you and your friends could take turns sharing the strange content that infiltrates your suggested feed. Just tap the Photo icon in the bottom corner of an active video chat, choose a photo or video and send it to the group.

Co-monitoring isn’t the only new feature on Instagram, although it is certainly the most notable. Other features announced on an Instagram blog post this morning include updated COVID-19 educational resources, international support for the Donate sticker in Instagram stories and a more aggressive campaign against COVID-19 misinformation on the Instagram platform.

Source: Instagram

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