iPhone XR Pre-Orders Start Tonight, Should You Upgrade?

The iPhone XR will be pre-order tonight, with the full release next Friday. If you have been on the fence (and have not already ordered an XS), you may be wondering if this is the phone. Dissect.

First of all, the XR is the "budget" model of the current X series, but let's be honest: there is nothing shouting on the budget of such a gorgeous phone (starting at $ 750). This seven dollar price will give you a phone with 64GB of storage space, but if you prefer more, you can pick up a 128GB model for $ 799 or 256 geebees for $ 899. Yes, the most expensive XR is always more affordable than the cheapest XS. He h.

And that's what makes this phone so appealing at first: it's 97% of the XS experience and 75% of the cost. Dollar for dollar, the XR is the best buy for iPhones right now … for some, anyway.

For example, if you already have an iPhone X, there is no reason to switch to an XR player – it's at best a sideways move and at worst a waste of money. Of course, the XR has a bigger screen and comes in many colors, but is that enough reason to spend at least $ 750? We do not think so.

If you come from an older model – an iPhone 8 or lower – there are many good reasons to consider the XR. Of course, your 8 may still be a small solid phone (or maybe the Plus and it's not so small) that continues to offer you the performance you need. But the iPhones of the X series are all about the experience; they are cleaner, smoother, and generally just better. It's just a better experience, pure and simple.

The edge-to-edge display is beautiful (the LCD vs OLED debates are cursed), gesture navigation is usually very enjoyable to use, and it is so beautiful. Side by side, the XR only gives the impression that older models of iPhone are obsolete. I would be lying if I said that vanity does not sell phones, because it certainly is.

Look, going from an 8 to an XR is not something you do out of necessity: your iPhone 8 is perfectly usable, but you do it because you want it. No amount of words that I hit on this keyboard will make you change your mind. If you want, you'll get there. I know you will do it.

But if you're using an iPhone 7, 6S, 6 or older, it's time to seriously consider biting the ball. You probably have already thought about it, and I do not blame you at all. You may want the XS but feel free to spend all that money on Apple's flagship product. You are exactly who the XR address is! Remember that a moment ago I said it was the best value for your money in the iPhone range? While this applies to all levels, this applies especially to those who plan to upgrade an old iPhone.

So yes, let's do this thing.

The best way to pre-order the iPhone XR

We're going to reveal a secret here: if you want to pre-order a new XR quickly and easily as soon as it's available, skip the Apple website. The site is usually so affected by pre-orders that it is slow and problematic.

For a better experience, use the Apple Store app. If all your Apple account information is up to date, it takes about 30 seconds and a few taps to complete the process. It's as simple as allows a pre-order and unlike the website (which is embedded in the dirt anytime a new super cool Apple product falls) the application, according to our experience, is strong .

So, if you order a new phone tonight, the app is where it is. Make sure your payment information is up-to-date, set an alarm on your phone for 12:01 PM Pacific time, and send your order from the app itself to make sure you get to the phone. before the virtual line.


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