LEGO Education Introduces Two New $99.95 STEAM-Focused BricQ Motion Sets

A disassembled and fitted out LEGO steamer set.Lego

When he’s not going out awesome car and botanical sets, LEGO likes to focus on education. The company just announced two new packages focused on STEAM concepts that do not require electronics. It even includes lessons that teachers can use in schools. The BricQ Motion Essential aims to teach children six years and older, while the BricQ Motion Prime educates children ten years and older. Both sets cost $ 99.95.

The BricQ Motion Essential, for ages six and up, includes 523 LEGO bricks (including a few replacement bricks for lost or broken items), a sturdy storage box with color-coded sorting trays, two booklets of ‘printed building instructions and two unit programs each with 6-10 hours of educational content.

And if you’re teaching kids ages ten and up, the BricQ Motion Prime includes 562 LEGO Technic items and bricks (including replacement items), a sturdy storage box with color-coded sorting trays, a booklet of printed building instructions and a science of Sports Program Unit with 6 to 1 hours of educational content.

A LEGO set that resembles a weight training center with a face.Lego

According to Esben Stærk, President of LEGO Education, “Making learning engaging is more crucial than ever, and we’re excited to bring two solutions to the market that support classroom teachers and empower students in STEAM from the ground up. young age. From understanding the cause and effect of push-pull forces via a tightrope walker balanced with weighted bricks to exploring Newton’s laws through land yachts and propeller cars, BricQ Motion has been designed to involve even more students and teachers in the discovery of STEAM concepts.

The teachers helped design the program, and given the modular nature of LEGO, it’s probably possible to create another program. You can purchase the sets for $ 99.95 today at LEGO Educational Site.

Source: Lego

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