LEGO Goes Fast and Furious With Dom's Dodge Charger

A close-up of a LEGO Dodge ChargerLEGO

With its Technic series, LEGO offers some of the best and most beautiful vehicles you can build in your living room. Let it be the best batmobile or one Land rover, it’s easy to fall in love with the vehicle series. Now for $ 99 the company is ready to thrill Fast and furious fans with Dom’s Dodge Charger of the film that started an empire.

Do you like The fast and the furious and its many suites? While the most recent films may have relegated street racing to the same corner, they have incorporated real world physics; cars continue to be a character in their own right in each suite.

A LEGO Dodge loader with a support to support it on the two rear wheels.You are right, it has a wheel position. LEGO

But of all the beautiful and powerful cars presented in the Fast and furious franchise, Dom’s Dodge Charger is still one of the best. The Dodge Charger is a classic, and Dom’s speech on why he feared and respected the machine set the tone for the rest of the film to come.

You can now build a replica of Dom’s car in LEGO form, and the brick company hasn’t skimped on the details. The $ 99,1077 set is gorgeous (at least in her photos) and measures 15 inches long and 4 inches wide. Most importantly, you can display it in the wheel position. You will not have minifigs in this set. We assume that it is impossible to make a minifig look as buff as Vin Diesel.

You can pre-order the Dom Dodge Charger today, and LEGO says it will ship on April 27.

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