LEGO Mario Will Be Able to Swap Outfits, Just Like in the Games

Four alternative looks for the LEGO super-sized Mario figure. LEGO

LEGO Infused Electronics Sets based on Nintendo Super Mario games are expected to be released later this year. When they do, the more expensive options will be complemented by sets of add-ons that will change Mario’s outfits. And just like in games, a new look for the persistent plumber means that new abilities are unlocked.

Four additional modules will be available at launch: Fire Mario, Propeller Mario, Cat Mario and Builder Mario. Each will come with additional animations and electronic sounds that match the theme, as well as new “abilities” (largely in your imagination) that increase the amount of coins that can be collected in game-style building levels of tray. Builder Mario, as seen in the Mario Maker series, is particularly suitable for LEGO.

Each costume will cost $ 10 alone, available in a box sold separately. They will be available from August 1, the same day as the complete sets, although it will be hard to find.

Source: Youtube

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