LEGO's Collaborations with Adidas and Levi's Are Pure Retro Fun

LEGO x Levi's Collaboration LogosLego

If you’ve always dreamed of stepping into LEGOs rather than them, you’re in luck. Earlier this week, LEGO announced its next collaboration with the shoe brand Adidas and another with the clothing brand Levi’s. LEGO partners with everyone to make shoes and other clothing.

The shoes have a retro look but feature classic LEGO colors and the iconic three Adidas stripes on the side. The A-ZX shoe line has a red and yellow LEGO logo patch sewn onto the tongue, and the laces hold a green LEGO piece in place at the base of the laces.

📦 👀 @adidasoriginals #ATOZX #ADIDASZX

– LEGO (@LEGO_Group) September 3, 2020

Details on Levi’s clothing have yet to be confirmed, but they will likely feature classic LEGO colors as well as accents such as small plates that you can connect other LEGO pieces to. No release date has been shared for either collaboration other than the vague “Coming Soon” at the end of the video. All we know is that whatever Levi’s and LEGO best produce includes a “honey, where are my pants?“nod.

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