LEGO's New Botanical Collection Includes the First Bonsai Tree I Can't Kill

Lego bonsaiBonito

LEGO has grown into less obvious areas in its attempt to cover every part of your house with tiny plastic bricks: first denim products, then pop art. According to a leak from a Polish site last weekend, LEGO will then take over indoor plants: its new “Botanical Collection” includes buildable flowers and an adorable little bonsai.

As a LEGO fan and someone who has repeatedly tried and failed to grow bonsai trees, I’m pretty excited. The Bonsai set includes 878 pieces, and you can choose between standard green foliage and cherry blossom style pink and white. It comes with a potted plant and a display stand.

LEGO Bonsai and flower bouqetBonito

Flowers are… different kinds of flowers. I think some of them are daisies? Look, I don’t know much about what types of plants I can’t eat. But I count ten individual flowers plus a few extra decorative pieces, all of which can be placed in a real vase, and which don’t fade after a week. Unless you remove the petals, I guess.

Bonito lists that both sets are part of the “Lifestyle 2021” line, so presumably they will be on shelves next year. Hope the botanical collection adds a cactus or succulents at some point.

Source: Bonito via The Brick of the Brothers

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