Lenovo's Previously Announced Smart Frame Is Heading to Indiegogo

The Lenovo Smart Frame with a hugging mother and son.Lenovo

Back at CES, we told you about Lenovo’s ambitious $ 399 smart frame, the first digital photo frame that might not suck. Now Lenovo is moving forward with a possible launch with a slight pit stop at Indiegogo. But if you order the Smart Frame from Indiegogo, you will get an advantageous discount.

Most digital frames are ultimately thrown away because it is boring or confusing to add new images. That’s why we’ve been saying for a long time Nest Hub is the best digital frame you can buy. All you have to do is upload photos to Google Photos, which your phone can do automatically.

But the Nest Hub is small, and even the Nest Hub Max do not increase the size too much. What if you could take advantage of the convenience of Google Photos on a much larger, sleeker device?

This is the promise of the Lenovo Smart Frame. It is a 21.5 inch IPS screen in a nice photo frame. The company previously said you could use a cloud storage option to upload photos, but it didn’t specify which one. Now we know – Google Photos.

Lenovo is still planning to ship the Smart Frame in August, but is now planning to launch it on Indiegogo. If you order the digital photo frame via the crowdfunding site, you will receive a 50% discount. Lenovo says it has chosen to switch to Indiegogo to “build a community of engaged and enthusiastic users who not only want the next Smart Frame but can provide ideas and functionality on what they might want for this type of product in the future.”

Lenovo has not specified when the Indiegogo campaign will launch, but we will notify you when it does.

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