Lenovo's Yoga 7i and 9i Laptops Offer the Latest Intel Chips Covered in Leather

Lenovo Yoga 9i, Yoga 9i slim and Legion 7i. Lenovo

Lenovo is set to show off its high-end laptops by the end of the year. They include the newly renamed Yoga 9i series, with a conventional laptop and a 2-in-1, both wrapped in plush leather to go along with the high-end specs, and an ultra-slim gaming laptop from the LEGION line.

Yoga 9i 14 “and 15”

Let’s start with Yoga 9i. This laptop comes in three varieties: the 14 and 15-inch versions of the Yoga 9i convertible laptop and the Yoga Slim 9i (also referred to as IdeaPad Slim 9i for the North American market, according to Lenovo). The Slim version is a standard laptop without a flip-up screen.

Yoga 9iLenovo

All three models use an aluminum alloy body, similar to last year’s Yoga C940. But the 14-inch 2-in-1 and the slim 9i laptop both have an optional leather shell on the top cover, as well as an optional full-width tempered glass on the palm rest. These keys of more exotic materials reflect similar attempts to stand out in the high-end laptop market: see the Surface Laptop’s Alcantara keyboard covers and coated in leather. HP Specter Folio.

Yoga 9iLenovo

Other highlights of the 2-in-1 design include the excellent speaker bar inherited from the C940 series, built-in Amazon Alexa services, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5, a fingerprint reader ultrasonic integrated in the wrist rest, haptic tactile feedback on the touchpad (of a conventional click mechanism), a physical camera block shutter, Thunderbolt 4 ports, and an integrated stylus. Oddly enough, all ports are on one side for the 14 ″ (two USB-C / power, one USB-A, headphone jack), with only the power button in front. the 15 ″ version has its USB-A port on the right, with an option for a proprietary charger. Lenovo says the 14 “model can last up to 18 hours while the 15” model can last 13, but frankly, Lenovo’s battery ratings haven’t impressed me in the past.

Yoga 9iLenovo

The 14-inch Yoga 9i 2-in-1 will be offered with a “next-generation Intel Core processor” (probably the 11th-generation Tiger Lake design) and Xe graphics, with a maximum of 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage. The screen will hit a 500-nit 4K LCD display, though it’s likely also offered with cheaper 1080p panels. The 15-inch version can accommodate an optional discrete graphics card, the GTX 1650 Ti, but will have to settle for 10th-generation Core i9 processors on the more expensive model. It is configurable with up to 2 TB of storage.

Yoga (IdeaPad) 9i Slim

Yoga 9i SlimLenovo

If you prefer a traditional thinner laptop, the Yoga 9i Slim (AKA the IdeaPad 9i Slim) includes almost all the hardware of the 14-inch 2-in-1, plus an option for 2TB of storage, an infrared camera for Windows Hello. , and a battery life of up to 20 hours (again, estimated by Lenovo). The slim laptop uses a button-activated “electronic privacy shutter” on the side, which cuts power to the webcam instead of covering it. The thinner model uses three USB-C (not A) ports with a headphone jack, spaced more evenly on both sides.


Legion 7iLenovo

Gamers who need something thin and light might be interested in Lenovo’s latest laptop announcement, the LEGION Slim 7i. Lenovo claims it’s the thinnest 15-inch gaming laptop in the world to feature an RTX 2060 graphics card … which is a lot of qualifiers, but the design’s 0.7-inch aluminum body speaks for itself. The Slim 7i comes with a variety of 10th Gen Core processors, from an i5 to an i9, and between 8 and 32 GB of RAM. SSD storage ranges from 512 GB to 2 TB.

Lenovo offers three displays with this gaming laptop: 1080p at 60 hertz or 155 hertz, or 4K at 60 Hz only, with increased brightness of 600 nits. Other highlights include explicit support for external GPUs, a full-size SD card slot, 2-watt dual speakers, two USB-C ports (with power), an integrated fingerprint reader with the power button and a full-size keyboard with 10 -keyboard. This keyboard has RGB lighting supplied by Corsair.

Lenovo says these laptops are coming “this holiday season.” The LEGION gaming laptop starts at $ 1,330, with the Yoga 9i 14 “at $ 1,400, the 9i 15” at $ 1,800, and the Yoga 9i Slim / IdeaPad 9i Slim at $ 1,600. Of course, all of these prices vary depending on your hardware selections.

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