Logitech MX Keys + MX Master 3 Review: Desktop Nirvana

MX Master 3, MX Keys and MX Palm Rest
Cameron Summerson

Logitech has long been manufacturing some of the best keyboards and mice in the industry, but I’m not sure they’ve been as impressive as the new MX Keys and MX Master 3. It’s the best desktop combo I’ve ever used. .

And while you can use either solution alone, the MX Keys keyboard can easily be paired with any other mouse, and the MX Master 3 can easily sit next to your favorite keyboard. they are perfect for each other. Both aesthetically and ergonomically, it is clear that this pair has been designed to go hand in hand.

But, for the sake of simplicity, we will examine each component individually.

MX Master 3: The perfect mouse made perfect

I’ve been using the original MX Master for at least a few years now. It’s a fantastic, ergonomic and comfortable mouse, which contains most of the features you would expect from a mouse. And although the MX Master 2S is a nice little update of the original Master, it was not enough to guarantee the acquisition of a new mouse (at least in my opinion).

MX Master 3 in medium gray
Cameron Summerson

The Master 3, however, changes that. The mouse case has been redesigned to give it a better overall feel. The original Master was sufficiently ergonomic to help prevent repetitive stress injuries (RSI), but the Master 3 is moving to another level. It’s still pretty similar, but as soon as you get your hands on it, you can say it’s just better.

But that’s not even the best part. The most important change with the Master 3 is the scroll wheels, which now use electromagnets. This means that the main wheel and the wheel are smoother, faster and generally just better. According to Logitech, you can scroll 1100 lines in one second with the new MagSpeed ​​wheel. I do not know how many times you need this kind of scrolling power, but by God, it’s there when you do it. But it’s as smooth as butter, even for short rolls. It’s so good.

MX Master 3 Buttons and Scroll Wheel
Cameron Summerson

Otherwise, the wheel is larger and the Previous / Next buttons have been moved below for better accessibility. Instead of being placed with a bulky arrow next to the wheel, they are not. The gesture button is always present on the bottom of the mouse, and it is still fully customizable using the Logitech Options software.

The MX Master 1 next to the MX Master 3
Left: MX Master 1; Right: MX Master 3 Cameron Summerson

Regarding the sensor, the Master 3 contains the same 4,000 DPI Darkfield sensor as the 2S, which works on virtually any surface. No upgrade there, but a solution was not really justified either: it’s as good as any high quality mouse for anything outside the game.

One of the most significant improvements on the Master 3, however, comes at an unexpected place: the charge port. The obsolete micro USB charging port has been replaced by a long-awaited USB-C port. A one – minute charge ensures a battery life of three hours, while a full charge allows the mouse to reach 70 hours of use. So, theoretically, if you charge it one night a week, you should have enough battery to go through even the longest work weeks.

The USB-C port of the MX Master 3
Bee essence, baby Cameron Summerson

Oh, and if you use the mouse with multiple computers (it can work with three computers at once), you’ll be happy to know that Logitech Flow is integrated for instant use and file transfer between multiple computers. It’s nice.

Finally, I want to talk about color one second. Although you can get the mouse in a more traditional graphite color, the Mid Gray model that I evaluated is freakin ‘ sexy. Can a mouse be sexy? Before the Mid Gray MX Master 3, I would have said no. But now, well, I’m not so sure.

MX Master 3: The keyboard for the rest of us

I’ll tell you something that may shock you: I’m not a mechanical keyboard guy. I often have to deal with my peers’ reactions to this, but it is: I could never get used to it. Too many trips, too much noise and too little desire to adjust.

MX keys
Cameron Summerson

In fact, I generally prefer notebook keyboards, with the Pixelbook containing my favorite keyboard of all time. As a result, I prefer tactile keyboards with about 1 mm of travel (for reference, the Pixelbook has 0.8 mm of travel). Although Logitech did not publish the specific key sequence of the MX keys, I can tell you that it is in this area incredibly comfortable keyboard for those who like typing.

And really, that makes sense: The overall design of the MX Keys is basically the same as the Logitech Craft, a high end keyboard with a big dial in the upper left corner for use with Photoshop and similar software. If you look at both side by side, the MX keys are simply the Craft without the dial. It’s also $ 100 cheaper, which makes it perfect for those who want to enjoy the best typing experience that Logitech has to offer, but does not need the dial.

In addition, like the Craft, the MX keys have a backlight that detects the approach of your hands and turns on automatically (it also turns off automatically). And if you are in a room where lighting conditions are constantly changing, the MX keys will be adjusted accordingly. Or, you know, you can adjust it manually.

The key to 10 MX keys
Cameron Summerson

Before taking a step ahead of myself, I would like to speak for a moment about the layout. Two of the last three keyboards I’ve owned were “tenkeyless” (which means they do not have numeric keypads). It was the K800 and a compact mechanical keyboard from Hexgears. I switched to the K780, which was accompanied by a keypad, but still had a compact structure that placed the arrow keys in a strange position. The MX keys have a full layout with a numeric keypad and normal arrows. Although the lack of an option without tenkeyless may bother some, I love the complete presentation. I did not know how much I had missed the full size arrow keys before having this keyboard.

If you plan to use the MX keys on multiple computers, you’re lucky: they can be paired up to three at a time and also have Logitech Flow for seamless transitions between them. It can connect via Bluetooth or with the included Logitech Unifying dongle (which I have found to be the top connection via Bluetooth, in general).

the UBS-C port of MX Keys
Fun fact: I took this picture upside down with my phone and I managed to bring it out Cameron Summerson

Like the Master 3, the MX Keys keys load via USB-C, bringing us closer to the world of the “single charger for everything”. The battery life is also excellent, especially if you do not use the backlight. A single charge can last up to 5 months if the lights are off completely, but if you like the backlight (and who does not?), You will enjoy ten days of use on a full charge. In the end, I would put it on the charger one night a week to make sure it never runs out of juice.

As fantastic as the MX Keys, there is one thing I would like to see: a Mid Gray model matching this sexy mouse. I can not win everything, I guess.

MX Palm Rest: type comfortably

There is one more piece of the MX puzzle, namely the MX wrist rest. I’ve never been a big fan of keyboards, but the one designed for MX Keys made me a believer.

The Palm Rest MX goes below the keyboard
The MX wrist rest hung below the keyboard. You know where the flippers are going. Cameron Summerson

It’s a pretty simple thing: a gel wrist rest designed to sit in front of the MX Keys to provide a better wrist angle and support for long typing sessions. It is made of memory foam, has a nice non-slip bottom and an incredibly satisfying touch top. Like, it’s really good. I like to touch him.

In any case, yes, it’s an extra $ 20, and for that, it’s worth it. If it was more expensive, I would probably tell you to go, but nothing more than an Andrew Jackson is a good addition to your desktop configuration.

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